Rigid Waveguide Assemblies

MIL has specialised for almost 40 years in the manufacture of rigid waveguide assemblies and microwave components.  As a result, we have developed substantial in-house expertise in aluminium brazing, silver soldering and soft soldering, as well as highly skilled, intricate machining using both CNC and conventional machine tools.  Our fitters are expert in the production of small precision parts, regularly tapping as small as 14 BA.

We can supply the following waveguides to customers’ drawings or specifications in all materials and frequencies:


  • Bends
  • Straights
  • Twists
  • Tapers
  • Adaptors
  • Loads


Our strength lies in the ability to manufacture intricate components to exceptionally high standards and respond quickly and efficiently to customers’ requirements.  For example, we have often supplied made-to-measure installation waveguides on a next-day service.

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